The original custom auto-brightness solution for Android

Privacy Policy

Lux does not automatically collect any personal information about you. It has no Internet permissions, so it cannot send data without your explicit consent. If Lux wants to send data for any reason, you will be prompted to select an app to handle the request (e.g. GMail), unless you've already set a default app in Android. Apps such as GMail allow you to see all information that is being sent, before it is sent. You'll find that this information may include a stack trace (if the app crashes), information about your phone sensor hardware, your Lux settings, your linked samples, Android and Lux version information, and any extra data that you decide to add to the email.

You will be prompted to send debug/feedback related data when you use the 'Send feedback' button in Lux settings, or if the app crashes.

Any information collected will be used to anonymously improve the app. Any personal information (such as your email address and name) will not be shared to 3rd parties. However, anonymised debug data may be shared if it facilitates improvement of the app.

Note: If you grant root access to Lux, you will be giving it permission to perform tasks outside what Android has granted it. Lux will not abuse these extra permissions - any data collected using root tools will remain on your device. Be aware that other apps on your device with root access can freely access Lux's internal data. Be vigilant when granting root access to apps to avoid unwanted data collection and transmission.