Update: After a great run, the app Lux Auto Brightness is at end of life. This app is no longer available to new users on the Play Store. Please be aware that any apps with similar names are not associated in any way with the original Lux app.

For enquries please e-mail: feedback.vitocassisi@gmail.com

Thank you!


The original custom auto-brightness solution for Android


Lux works out of the box to provide superior automatic backlight adjustment.


Choose from four automatic modes, or manual adjustment.

Battery Friendly

Intelligent backlight adjustment means your display is never brighter than it needs to be.

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Sub-zero Brightness

Enhance your viewing experience in low light by reducing your backlight lower than ever before!

Tasker/Locale Support

Take automation into your own hands with Lux's Tasker/Locale support

Expandable Notification and Widget

Quickly see Lux's status, and make changes on the fly!

Automatic Night Mode

Research has shown that displays are too blue at night, which alters your sleep patterns. Lux can automatically 'warm' your display to match artificial lighting at sunset.

Astronomer Mode

Make your display red to preserve your natural night vision

[Root] Low Level Adjustment

If you have a rooted device, you can purchase a low level upgrade to enhance Lux even further!